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The IMindMap Ultimate Mind Mapping Software

iMindMap Ultimate is the one stop application tool mind mapping software. It helps you take your main idea and make a very good visual presentation out of it. It will even allow you to make a financial plan. iMindMap Ultimate is the latest of the computer based mind map software to come out in the market, enhanced with business features to boost effectiveness and software tool reliability.

Basically, iMindMap Ultimate is the combination of all previous computer based versions of mind mapping software tools. It is added with cool features that makes your mapping possibilities endless. Any idea, plan, concept or thought that you can come up with, this tool is the thing to use to let you see what possibilities it can offer you through creative critical thinking iMindMap Ultimate maps.

Aside from the myriad of advantages that this software tool will be able to provide you with, this is also the software tool from ThinkBuzan Company that was designed to foster further enhancement of future mind maps.

iMindMap Ultimate is the best tool that money can give you. It also offers a 3D view of your mind maps. It allows you to navigate in your thoughts, in your data or information on different angles, as you check and explore different directions or pathways that your main subject can lead you. It will help you see and experience mind maps in a whole new different way. Using this software will help you do your critical thinking in a more fun manner, more interactive, and more visually appealing, allowing your brain to be more open to easily understand your thoughts visually.

Thinking visually has been the fundamental use of these mind maps. It allows your brain to do critical thinking visually, since your brain works faster, efficiently, creatively, and freely when it sees what it thinks.

iMindMap Ultimate also allows each user to easily make presentation slides. You do not need to make new slides out of your maps, because the maps alone can be used perfectly as slides for your presentation. It allows you to use it when you conduct your meetings, when you will share out topics like the company’s direction, project direction, budget allocation and so much more.

This software tool is fully compatible to work with your MAC, PC or Linux. It also have Apple’s OpenOffice as well as Microsoft as integrated features of iMIndMap Ultimate to allow seamless and perfect harmony of the software and your computer Operating System.

iMindMap Ultimate is for people who wanted to use computer software tools that can enhance their creative thinking a step further. This mind mapping application software has a kind of playful feel in it as well as offering amazing features for business use to all its users.

Going with your day to day activities and plans will never be the same again with these mind maps of iMindMap Ultimate.